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we use makaton for my 2 eldest boys and its really helpful for children that try to communicate but cant as they sign while trying to talk, this stops alot of frustration and meltdown as with the signs we usually know what our boys want, whereas without the sign we just cant understand them(mainly my 5 year old,my 7 year old is alot better now than he was 12 months ago) but with our youngest who is 3 in a couple of weeks we are having to use pecs(picture exchange communication system) because he is mute and dont try at all to talk and communicate so for him makaton wouldnt be any good as a child cant sign for a word they are not wanting to say if that makes sence, its quite easy to pick up and i stronly recommend mr tumble as its more fun for children to watch and pick it up, good luck

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we started makaton last year with jack its actually helped him with speech too
we all learnt it along with nursery teaching the other children so they can understand jack
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I just wanted to add to all the other posts, and agree that Makaton is fab. I have used it with almost all of the little ones I have worked with (with a variety of different special needs), and it is so incredibly helpful.

It is such a fun way of easing all the frustration that comes of not being able to speak as clearly and fluently as the child would like to be able to. There are many different version of 'baby signing' which is sometimes quite similar.

However, one thing to be aware of, some of the baby signing groups use slightly varying signs. This does cause some confusion when the child then uses a slightly different sign in school / nursery. I have been a bit cheeky in the past, for example, at rhyme time at the local library, i've asked the staff to use the Makaton signs instead of the oridnarily used actions to nursery rhymes. 9 times out of 10 they are happy to oblige and all the children love learning a 'new' method of communicating.

The Dave Benson Phillips video is quite advanced for beginners, although still a lot of fun. There are 2 DVD'S available from a baby signing company, whose name escapes me but I'll look it up, that start off with the very basics. After hearing it every evening before bathtime, the songs can get a little over bearing, however they are fab DVD'S.

Hope this helps a little!

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I use Makaton (self taught) with all three of my children. Started mainly with my eldest (asd) but was pleasantly suprised when my daughter picked it up too. She still signs now even though her speech is excellent, its just second nature to her and it also helps her big brother understand her.
I have and Ebook of basic Makaton signs if anyone is interested I would be happy to email it to them, just pm me your addy Smile
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my daughter used it at school quite a lot, not so much now but she still signs book, house, hurt and a few others, it helps me when she is talking in a super fast rant .. bless her
i think i may look into adding it into our play time again as it really does help.

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