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acording to my daughters statment there starting her with makatron sign language any one know if its any good and how i go about learning it to help her at home??
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matt learnt it when he first started school, i dont know where you can learn it but it is similar to british sign language but a bit simpler i think because i did recognise some of the signs he used at home
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http://www.makaton.org/ i've heard its good!!! i think its like what they use on 'something specia;' with mr.tumble?? great program Big Grin

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We do makaton with my daughter, who is autistic, when i first heard about it i looked on cbeebies website and printed off all the signs on there to start me off, and i then looked on ebay and found all the signs i would need, that you can buy from the actual makaton website, but for alot cheaper. Obviously like that you might be gettting a few signs abit wrong but it was really helpful for us ( i didnt really get any of them wrong, the pictures are quite easy to follow. They do courses at some places so you could look into that to make sure you learn them properly.
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we do makaton, me john and chloe she as picked it quick really as she needed tell us! i would recommend it !!

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