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does anyone know where i could get some resonably priced bigger size vests with poppers from? asda/tesco etc seem to go up to 2-3 years but my son is 4 now so they are getting tight. tried vest extenders but they look a bit uncomfortable! i've seen some specialist vests online but they are about £9 per vest!

thanks, lisa x
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So far ive seen them at £7

Might be worth a look?
Cant say ive seen them much cheaper yet.
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seen em on fledglings.org.uk but think they're about £8 too x

£7 but a good choice
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that fledglings has some good beds, like giant cots
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Hi I dont know how to post a link but you can find them on amazon for around $12 for a pack of 4 up to age 4. If you google search onesies 4T you will find them on amazon and a few other sites Hope this helps Smile
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