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Great Ormond Street Children's hospital are looking to get Guinness World Record and you and your child's school can be a part of it.
Maybe your workplace will also be a part of it?
Great Ormond Street provide services to many disabled and sick children and they need your help.

Peter Pan Week is a fun way to raise awareness of fundraising for Great Ormond Street whilst having an excuse to believe in the magic of Neverland.
This year it will take place from the 26th to the 30th of April 2010 and there is lots you can do to take part

Why not ask the following to get involved:

*Schools (The Headteacher, Deputy Head or Head of Year is usually the best person to speak to)
*Friends and family
*Youth Groups (from Brownies to football clubs)
*Adult groups
*Local businesses
*Your local library (perhaps they could distribute flyers?)
*Anyone that can help spread the word or would like to get involved

To qualify for the attempt you will need:

Two independent witnesses (To oversee the record attempt and act as ajudicator on behalf of Guinness World Records)

Stewards (to help the independent witnesses check everyone is wearing the whole costume for the full 10 minutes of the attempt)


Participants (minimum of 25)

A log book

£2 (suggested donation) from every participant

If you have any questions regarding the record attempt instructions please do not hesitate to call Great Ormond Street Fundraising department on 0207 239 3182.

Help us make a difference
Great Ormond Street are aiming to raise £160,000 through Peter Pan Week to help build two new en-suite bedrooms in the cardiac centre. The current facilities are cramped and the new rooms will mean having enough space for life saving equipment and a spare bed for mum and dad and we all know how much that means, making it a much less frightening experience for the whole family.

For full details please visit the website with full details:


Any members who take part please post your pictures up here on the day and lets have some fun whilst raising money for a great cause

As members will know i was in Disneyland this week and i met the real Peter Pan and i asked his views on this event he said

"Great Ormond Street do some remarkable work for many sick and disabled children and help them achieve the dream of never growing up so if all members of Parents of disabled children can get involved it would be amazing"
Love Peter Pan

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