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Reading these stories has brought back so many memories for me from when my young man was a little one :cmas_emoticon019:

He too had delayed speech and everything was a wah-wah. Then as we gradually improved in the speech dept, he managed lelanade - lemonade. He also would get the 'tenses' wrong with words, so I am excited would become I am exciting or I am frightened would be I am frightening etc - Lol.

Once when cooking tea, he asked why the walls were sweating - he was referring to the condensation from the heat of the cooker.

He was also mischief (and still is to some degree) for intruding in other peoples business. A neighbour was once reprimanding her son for doing something wrong just as we happened to be passing at the time, my son turned to the neighbour and told her in no uncertain terms what he thought of her and how naughty she was for shouting at her boy - he finished with 'now you know what your **** feels like when you shout at him in the street' and promptly walked off into our garden. I don't know who had the reddest face her or me!

When pokemon was all the phase, yes I know I'm going back some years now, we purchased him a pokedex for christmas, it took ages to track one down as it was the must have toy that year. A fornight or so after christmas, we heard a bang from the kitchen, running through we found our son retreiving his pokedex from the microwave oven - why? Because it had gotten wet and he was making it dry again!

I have 20 years worth of funnies and oddities from my son, he makes me laugh and makes me cry - would I swap him?? Not for anything :cmas_emoticon019:
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I always find it quite funny when my little one pulls his shoes and socks off usuaslly in a public place like when we are out shopping and he starts to clap his feet.He is actually an expert in the field of foot clapping and claps his feet better than he claps his hands.Sometimes he claps his hands and feet at the same time which is something ive tried to do and its not as easy as it looks:cmas_emoticon026:
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I have just tried this and its not easy!!! :cmas_emoticon046:
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The other day it was frosty which my boy found very exciting & next day looked out of the window & said "Is it dusty again today?". He also overheard my husband on the phone asking if I'd got some burgers out to defrost and then got his playmobil safecrackers set out because he thought daddy said we had to get the burglars out.
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i have been trying to bombard my daughter with christmas we have watched her fave cartoons christmas specials on bt vision. she did well at her christmas party and even stood by santa. she also says ho ho ho when she sees santa, well my partners dad is overweight with grey hair and he grows his beard this time of year. so when he came she was unusally shy of him when she mostly smiles at him. she kept putting her hands over her eyes then as he was going she said ho ho ho. well there is only one thing that means LOL!

i was singing when santa got stuck up the chimney..... and my son started going mad saying santas beard was white not black.

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