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Hi I was wondering if I could you you all as a sounding board please ..
We own our 3 bedroom mid terraced house, we have been down the DFG route and as the house does not have sufficient grounds to extend they are not able to help us although all the professionals involved have stated that the property is entirely unsuitable for us and our son's needs.
We are currently on a fixed rate mortgate which ends August, the early redemption policy was far too much for us to even consider moving before now.
So the problem is we would need a jump in at least £40,000 to be able to move to a property in our area with the potential space to customise it for our son.
We cannot afford this, hubby works full time and I am full time carer extending our mortgage by this ammount just is'nt an option.
We have applied to the council and are on their list as the highest priority but we have'nt actively looked into properties because of the mortgage situation. But in the local paper they have a homesearch page, very rarely do properties come up in the area we would like to live.
Son has an OT, SW, Pead, Psychologist,Psychiatrist etc who would all support us in our quest to move BUT how on earth do we go about it.
Feel like we are stuck in a rut at the moment with no way out.
Has anyone got any useful advice please, I would really appreciate it.
PS We are a family of four.
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It is virtually impossible to gain a move when you own a home.
And even without owning a home getting a 4 bedroom council home maybe another struggle.
Is there an option to rent out your house to pay for another at all?

Other than that its very complex and Shelter would be your best bet on this one i think as owning a home is alot more complex.
Im wondering if you could possibly claim homeless within a home status due to over crowding?
But again Shelter would be best on this one.
Sorry i cant offer a magic solution on this one Smile
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You have to talk to Shelter, there are home rescue packages available for homeless families (yes you CAN be homeless and own a house if it is not reasonable to expect you and those who reside with you to stay in current accomodation)
See what the caseworkers/advisers at Shelter come up with :o)
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Ok, thank you Daniel and Fatherjack.
I would never in a million years thought of contacting shelter, I will have look on there website and contact them tomorrow.
Thanks again
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No joy with Shelter Sad
Spent most of the day on the telephone to various charities/ organisations, none of whom were able to offer any suggestions.
I think the only possibility now is to try and get a test case for using the disabled facilities grant to extend our mortgage.
Any one know if this has ever been done before, surely to goodness we are not unique in this situation.

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