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Believe me I know how you feel! I've struggled for years and actually only received my DLA award last week and the child tax credit has gone up this week too. But because I've struggled and more or less got by but without treats, luxuries, days out, holidays etc, this week I actually feel guilty for having it even though we need it and will probably do so much better too. Im still waiting to receive a carers allowance form but will be applying for that too and will probably feel guilty again! I know Im entitled to it but I didn't actually know I could claim until a few months ago. Im soooooo glad i did put a claim in though and you will be too.
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if you scroll down to the bottom of the page it gives some centres you can take your son
also have u had a carers assessment done? this can help open doors to what is available as well as give support

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Of course you should claim, ur child has disabilitys and thats what the dla are there for (to provide money for people who require extra care)
Also as other lady states you could then claim carers allowence if you spend more than 35 hours a week careing for ur child.
Dla will also entitle you to other benefits but we will come to that hurdle when required Smile
Good luck x

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