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a friend of mine recently told me that i could claim for my son. he currently recieves support at school, from speech and language, to a support tecaher outside who has to watch him incase he harms other Children, and in class he struggles to concentrate and work unless he has a support. he is not diagnosed with autism but we are trying as everyone feels he needs it, yet no one is willing to refer him. he is on iep and 8 but readin glevels of 6 year old. we cannot leave alon eotside as he would wonder off, loose concentration and get lost, or hurt others if he is teased or aggetated. its an axhautin job. he has severe spech lnag difficulties as they assessed him for this. we get no other support

i just thought id ask if its worth me filling out this dla form for him, i feel guilty and don twant it to look like im after the money but it would only help us to pay someone to watch him whilst i get the house owrk done, or (i know this sonds bad) but a small break for an hour or so for myself. or even trips/clubs for him to join etc
any advice i am very new and dozy, so please excuse me if ive done anything wrong here. i just dont really have anyone else
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please dont feel guilty about claiming DLA
i felt the same but i finally decided to in november as i do provide my son with extra care
although jack is only 3 1/2 he sounds alot like your little boy, jack has severe speech and language delay and im sure hes on autistic spectrum somewhere.
2years now ive had to fight to get jack seen and finally 2weeks ago the pead finally see jack after me pressuring for a referal aswell as self referral
im now just waiting to see what next hopefully autism assessment as they have now done a development test which very low

please dont give up on trying to get assessment you have to keep moaning and in the end you will get there, not sure if its all areas but here we can self refer to all child services pead, salt etc so maybe give it a try
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If your son has care needs dont hold back and make an application based on the care needs and dont worry about feeling bad.
The money is there to assist you and your son with his care needs be it with days out or anything that may help with his care so do apply.
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thanks people! funny how these professionals go to get degrees nad masters yet cant help us through simple encouraging words. only us parents know how and what its like.
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My goodness of course you should claim! I felt the same way and the form is soooo daunting and stupid in places but at the ed of the day you need help and they are there to provide it. If they feel you are not entitled then you havnt lost anything, but i have a feeling you'll be acceped with bellss on! You really should get it in asap as they cant backdate it very far.. With DLA you can claim Carers Allowance for yourself as you obviously spend more than 40 (i think it is) hours a week looking after him. Go for it!

Let us know how you get on ducky! All the best!

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