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Before You Buy Your First Sewing Machines, Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

With the sheer number of options when it comes to sewing machines, picking just one is a hard decision to make. These machines come in a number of varieties and under a larger number of names, making the process even more tiring.

Here are five questions to ask yourself so that you can have a shorter list to look at. Hopefully, after answering all of the questions, you will be able to make up your mind about the most suitable model for you.

Before You Do Anything

You might be daydreaming about your beautiful first project and that temptation might be urging you to pay for a sewing machine right away without giving much thought about what to buy. Choosing your best first sewing machine takes time and effort, and should not be a rush decision. If you need more suggestions for your list, find latest models here.

How Will You Use The Machine?

This aspect might be the most important and can determine the make, the model, and the price of your suitable machine.


[Image: LDoHkDr.jpg]

Mend your own clothes with a sewing machine

If fixing clothes is what you intend to do, it is best to buy a machine with a free arm. A blind hem foot will make things a lot easier when you need to hem a skirt or a pair of pants.

There is one thing you need to remember here. A cheaper option may not be able to penetrate through thick fabric like denim so if you have a lot of denim garments in your closet, consider stretching your budget a little bit.

Home decor

Making your own cushions or curtains is a wise decision as it allows you to customize the look and also save you a lot.

There are two functions I recommend looking for in a sewing machine for this task. The first one is auto button making and the second is the ability to sew through a few layers of fabrics.


If you want to make your own clothes, look for a machine that has all or at least most of the following features: changing needle position (which will come in handy when you sew the zipper on), buttonhole making, stretch stitch and zigzag stitch (these two are for sewing knit fabrics). I do not include straight stitch and back stitch here as most of the modern machines have them by default.

If you can, buy a machine that can sew with two needles, which can help you have the hems that seem like a product of a professional.

How Much Is Your Budget?

My top tip when it comes to budget is to determine a number and buy the most expensive one that budget allows.

This should happen after you have come up with a list of potential models. It can also make sure that you will not outgrow the machine soon.

No matter what your budget is, $500 or $5000, there will always be a range of options for you to choose from. If what you look for is a best starter sewing machine, it should not cost you an arm and a leg with the sheer number of brands on the market. Go to this review to save yourself some time looking.

What To Think About When You Buy New Machines

The expert that anyone can have access to is their local dealers. They are the one that knows about many types of machines and how they work. Tell them about your budget and they will point you in the right direction. If you feel comfortable, share your intention with them too.

Some dealers set up a class for new owners, which is handy for those who have never sewn on a machine before.

In case your budget is too tight but you do not want to settle for a low-cost option, your best bet is to go for a used machine.

What To Think About When You Buy Used Machines?

Always run the machine before you buy it. Many used machines can no longer function properly but they are still on sale so make sure the one you want works.

Check if the dealer offers repairing and cleaning services because you will need it sooner or later.

How Much Noise Does The Machine Make?

You will probably put the machine in your house so you want it to be as quiet as possible. And the best way to check this is to run a test.

Will the machine wake up other members of your family when it operates? Can you talk to another person if you want to take it to a sewing class?

Does The Machine Have Any Accessories?

As you go further into the land of sewing, you will find yourself in need of quite a lot of accessories. For example, a walking foot is super handy for sewing slippery fabrics like silk while a zipper foot may help with applying zippers.

Are The Machine Heavy?

What makes a machine lighter are the plastic parts and a small motor. They can still handle common, easy projects but may not hold up to thicker fabrics and the frequency of sewing every day.

What About The Non-Standard Options?

Here are some other features to look for when you buy a sewing machine:
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Speed control
  • Thread cutter
  • Lighting
  • Free Arm
  • Automatic buttonhole

If you have friends who have been sewing for some time, remember to ask them for advice. Take time touring as many shops and options as possible.

[Image: pvWX0oE.jpg]

Consider carefully when buying a sewing machine

When you decided on a model, remember to make the guarantee clear so that you have the best protection for your investment.

And one more thing, if the dealer does offer classes, attend them. This is a golden opportunity to get to know your new machine and have your questions answered by someone truly knows the model.

Last but not least, here are Reviews Of Best Entry Level Sewing Machine, Top Sewing Machines For Beginners To Buy if you are in short of time to come up with your potential list.

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