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Hello. There is no way to contact the site moderators to ask permission so I have just posted this and hope it is acceptable.

Youteachmetoo.com is an on-line service providing great video content specifically designed for autistic and deaf children alongside general curriculum content. The Royal School for the Deaf has provided teaching in BSL. A respected teacher for autism has made videos on general social issues like getting the bus and eating at a cafe - content designed to help parents prepare children for independence. The video content is made in schools by teachers for use by parents. The child gets their own log in to a secure site where they can view content chosen by their parents to be appropriate to help them. The content can be accessed from any device including mobile phones.

The cost is £10 per month and there is a free 28 day trial. See http://www.youteachmetoo.com

We are a small company trying to get enough parents using the service to attract investment so we can develop more specialised content. We will hire more teachers to work in schools as revenues grow.

Thank you for posting this on your site

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