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would an electric one be any good??? how would he be on 2 wheels if he had a seat to sit on?? x
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there might well be somewhere just a matter of waiting for Daniel, if it exists he can find it lol, having one made would mean he could still have disney cars on it if he likes them and might help with the transision and you can get a bigger one when he outgrows that one too.

ermm this one is on a disabled bike website but get more specs on here and it says from 18months but up to 29" inside leg so might be worth emailing them
http://www.raleigh.co.uk/b_details.aspx?id=281&brand=8&pt=9 for the spec and you might have a shop near you
http://www.missioncycles.co.uk/disdetail.asp?Products_Action=Find('ProductID','311')&Products_Position=father in law%3ACategory%3D%27Scooters%27ORD%3AABS%3A19KEY%3A311PAR%3A might have more details on special scooter
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I bought one for my son from TKMaxx for £14. It has 4 wheels, 2 at the front and two at the back. You can then make it 3 wheeled and then 2 wheeled. It also folds in half for easy storage.
I can't remember the name of it but will try see if I can find the old box.
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really? Oh..sound brill!
re. the raleigh "ollie"

This one may be ok. going check it out i think. Thanks for looking for me. Much appreciated. x

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