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There was a little boy featured on Last weeks childrens hospital on ITV who was due to have his taken out.
He coped really well and better than i thought a child would.
Maybe you could prewatch it and if your children are older enough to understand it show it to them

Link is http://www.itv.com/itvplayer/video/?Filter=139629
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Just started watching a bit of Daniel's link.
Wow, they actually had a nurse come in to help with trachy changes! Just goes to show different areas really do do things differently. Here they expect you to get on with it alone.
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back to direct payments, last november social services put a package of care in place this included direct payments and a care assistant for 5 hrs a week. we use the direct payments to buy a service 2 days nursery care a week, this is easy i just write a cheque from my direct payments account. social services now want me to employ a PA instead of using the care company(they pay them direct) they have allocated me 5 hrs at the rate of £9 hr. i have asked can i keep things the way they are as Alex is used to the careworkers and when you advertise you never know who your going get? but this is a cost saving exercise it is a lot cheaper for them to use direct payments as the care company charge a lot more!
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the whole idea of direct payments is the parents choose who they "employ" , unless your childs needs have changed they cannot change the package, tell them that she is settled and happy where she is and that it suits you best and it is for the best of the child not how cheap they can get the service. is there a disability solutions in your area as they work with direct payments and can send somebody out, also have you got an up to date needs assessment and carers assessment as this can help to prove that you need it to stay as the stress of changing will not be good for either of you
xx corinne
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(11-27-2009, 11:44 AM)corinne Wrote: hi
is there anywhere i can go/call to get impartial advice on the amount of hours i should get with direct payments?Huh
we live in stoke on trent and i have a 16 yr old son who is getting no respite despite being told in may we should be getting 42 nights a year (3 1/2 nights a month) but the respite centre say they are not suitable for him and i was offered 16 hours a month direct payment which wouldnt even pay for one evening in local private respite. i cant get advice from social worker as it is all based in same building

i live in telford and wrekin and i have been told there is no funding anymore.

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