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ah no, thats not what i meant! I realised in my last post I was whining about the worker, and to be honest I barely knew her, it was the system that was rubbish lol
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(10-17-2009, 11:15 AM)Daniel Wrote: Direct payments are there to make your life as a parent easier.
It means you as a parent can buy in additional care to help in the need of your disabled child:

When are Direct Payments the right option?
There are a number of reasons why direct payments may
be a better option than receiving direct services from the
local authority, including:

Distance from services – if a disabled child or young
person lives in a remote location it may be more practical
to arrange for services closer to home.

More flexibility – to decide which services are necessary
can be in the interests of the child and the carer.

Waiting lists – there may be a waiting list for direct services
from the local authority whilst it is be possible to
obtain the same service from another source

What can’t Direct Payments be used for?
Direct payments cannot be used to employ someone who is
already resident in the same household, for example another
parent or sibling, unless that person has been specifically
employed as a live-in care assistant.

Direct payments from the local authority can only be used
to pay for services that will meet the needs of the disabled
child or young person as assessed by that authority.

What can Direct Payments be used for?

Direct payments may be used for various services that
provide additional support.

For parents or carers of a disabled child under 16 these
services include:

Short residential breaks

Employing someone to assist with the care

A sitter service

A placement at a day nursery or an after-school club

Respite care

Additional equipment

For disabled young people between the ages of 16 and 17 the direct payment may be used to purchase equipment necessary to meet their needs as set out in the local authority assessment.
It is also possible for the payment to be used to employ someone who can assist with their care.

Your local council now has an obligation to offer direct payments providing you have met the requirements of the scheme following an assesment by social services.

Contact your local council or local social services department to obtain an assesment for Direct payments.

I have had assessment and waiting decision
Arrow I am waiting for decision
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I used to get reepite for Lucie but when she started nursery i was told that i got enought repite while she was there, even tho i had to stay with her as there was no staff trained to look after her! bloody joke! I was wondering could i apply for the direct payment to get Lucie into a breakfast club or have someone come to the house to sit with the girls, as we are really struggling at the moment with the overlap of stuart going to work and me getting back from work (he leaves at 7 and i get back at 9) i've had to cancel work a few times as we can only leave lucie in the care of someone who is fully trained to care for her. In other words can't just pop next dorr and ask if they can keep an eye on the Children! Work get really funny with me saying i'm letting down the families who have children with trachies until i point out to them that i'm in the exact same dilema! duh!!!!!! lol
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Do both are you get working tax credit at all?
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Hi Daniel no unfortionaltly we both earn too much to qualify for the working tax credits, we were getting childs tax credit but thats stopping this year as we are now earning too much for that! We get Dla and child benefit but other than that it's just our income.

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