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Hi, I'm not sure if I should post here with regards to my situation, or on the benefits thread, so apologies in advance if I'm posting on the wrong thread.. apologies too for the long post Undecided

Back in March of this year, my landlady put the house we rent from her up for Sale. The property sold at the end of May, and we then had just short of 3 months (until 23rd Aug) to vacate our current property, and find another place to rent either privately or council housing.

I had a Housing Options interview with an Advice and Prevention Officer at my local Borough Council on Mon 18th June. I submitted all the relevant information/paperwork including details of my youngest son's (Liam, 13) mental health/learning disability (I submitted his EHCP, the DLA confirmation - he was awarded middle rate care and low rate mobility, Carers Allowance confirmation, CAHMs letters/reports, GP letters/report, ASD Assessment report, Speech and Language Therapist Report). The reason for submitting these to the council was to ask them to consider allocation for a 3 bed property on the social housing register, as my son, due to his mental health, needs his own room, which would then allow my son space to be in his own room where everything can stay where he wants it to (toys etc), and therefore won't get anxious about his brother coming into the room (they share a room at present). My older son would also then get some respite and sleep overnight in his own space. They currently share a room. My older son (14) is unable to settle to bed in the room he shares with his younger brother (13) though, due to my younger sons constant need for control of his environment (due to his anxiety), making it awkward for my older son to enter the bedroom etc, avoid being consistently disturbed at night by my younger son not settling to sleep till the early hours, and/or having a meltdown/shutdown. All this has an impact on my older son, and therefore need of an extra bedroom is I feel important for them both. My older son has on many occasion had to share my room due to not being able to access the bedroom he shares with his younger brother, due to my younger son having a meltdown etc, which is not an ideal situation either.

I recieved an email from the local Home Link team yesterday to inform me that I have been allocated into Band A with a 3 bedroom allocation for social housing, should I not be able to find a property to rent before we have to leave our current property.
I also viewed a property yesterday, which has 3 bedrooms, and I have been informed today that I have been successful in my application (it is with the same letting agents who I have been renting my current property with). It is again a private rental, and we are due to move in to the 3 bed property on 23rd July.

I contacted the local benefits partnership that deals with my housing benefit yesterday to ask, if due to being accepted for a 3 bed allocation on the social housing register would my benefits (amount of LHA) change from a 2 bed LHA rate to a 3 Bed LHA rate? I was told it wouldn't as my local Home Link and the benefits Partnership who manage my housing benefit are two separate entities. I was told I will need to write to the benefits Partnership with evidence from a professional linked to/working with my son, to say that a separate bedroom would be best for him, and for us as a family.

So I was wondering if anyone may be able to help me, or have any advice on..
• How to word the letter appropriately to ask for them to consider a review of my LHA.
• What evidence to submit? They have already had a copy of the DLA and Carers Allowance confirmation letters, but I've not submitted any of the information that was included in my application to Home Link. So should I send them all this information too? I also now have letters from the family therapist I see who I've been working with to help me to manage my son's anxiety and resulting behaviours, and a letter from the school counsellor who my older son has been seeing for the last year to give him a space to offload, and to help him to cope with his brothers anxiety/behaviours.

I apologise if this doesn't read particularly well, it's quite hard to explain in writing..

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read the above, much appreciated.

Hoping someone can help/advise.


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