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(05-01-2010, 10:43 AM)Daniel Wrote:
(05-01-2010, 08:23 AM)babyxxxxx Wrote: thanks, no harm in trying

Let me know what council your under and ill see whats availible for you Smile

Hi Daniel,

We are Sheffield (South Yorkshire) and just trying to sort out first stages of getting a driveway etc, but quotes have been large to say the least, so any advice would be great appreciated. A guy on the phone who we wanted a quote off yesterday started telling us to get a 'key worker' and speak to social services about help and why hadn't we got blue badges? He now isn't coming to do a quote till we know where we stand. Confused
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in a lot of areas you cannot do the dropped kerb yourself it has to be done by the council but its worth phoning the disablity resources team of the council to see if they will do this for you, like i say we had the argument as they said he isnt disabled as he not in a wheelchair so they wouldnt do our driveway or kerb but surprisingly when i accused them of discrimination i had a note through my door saying they would drop the kerb but they wouldnt pay for the drive (yeah do the cheap part hehehe) though there are councils who do realise that its a safety aspect of not parking on road with an autistic child and with 2 would imagine you need eyes in back of head.
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dan , lucy did you get go ahead for storage? we have no room for chloes equipment too!
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(06-05-2010, 07:40 PM)jacknchloesmum Wrote: dan , lucy did you get go ahead for storage? we have no room for chloes equipment too!

No chance!
They wanted to put shelving up in the toilet Dodgy
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I've just sent an email to the head of our adaptations team. I was told that work would all be completed by September but haven't heard anything in months!
The councils occupational therapist is ignoring all my emails now so I felt it was time to make a complaint. I'm having major issues with my back at the moment, and doctors think hubby is developing arthritis in his knees so we can't go on much longer like this Sad
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