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we got a similar answer when we requested they build some space for storage, i have tones of equipment, pumps bags, meds, syringes etc etc its taking over our house! but were told...council dont 'do' storage...but we'll put a shelf up for you in your TOILET DodgyConfused - they only extend for downstairs bedrooms and wet rooms for those who are wheelchair bound.

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it must be different councils as when they were replacing bathrooms and kitchens round here they finally came to give us a downstairs loo (had an outside toilet!!! and asked 3yrs before it was done and forgot about it) but because they were going through disability rather than the bathroom scheme they showed me the plans and they wanted to put a shower in next to the toilet but i would have nowhere to put my dryer and chest freezer and as matt wont use showers as doesnt like water spraying over head i refused to let them do it, why do something i didnt even ask for or want yet they wouldnt do any of the things i had asked for like a bar over matts window so he cant open it fully (said it would look like a prison!) or a driveway which would cost them hardly anything. perhaps i should start asking for things give them a big list then agree to knock some off and just leave the ones i really want hehe they havent done bad seeing as i only had a toilet and a crappy lock on window (which he has broke off) in 6 yrs of being here or 14yrs of matt being diagnosed really as they did absolutely nothing in old house cause we werent told we could ask for anything and an upstairs loo would have made life sooooooooo much easier
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does anyone know what the rules in Scotland are regarding grants? thanks in advance
Hi Corrine, Im wondering if your roads dept might paint a disabled parking space on the road outside your drop kerb, this way you still get to park, but dont lose your garden??? just a thought if you havent already explored this route?
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Hello are you entitled to the council tax benefit as well as the council reduction for adaptations, we have just had this done so we get a reduction in both. Go to your one stop shop and apply. You will need to take wage slip/s, benefits ie carers allowance, dla entitlement ring up and confirm what you need to bring with you.
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i might see if i can get my kerb dropped as melissa doesnt understand the roads it a pain when i dont have the car and we walk to school, but if we ge shopping trying to carry the bags in with her is impossible, i put her in her bedroom if my partner isnt with me so i know shes safe

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