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Hi I'm sorry you're having this awful time I can't say anything to help but I feel for you and your poor little one xx 22
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180 seems a lot to me. My little one is only 12 months and he has 165mls 4 times a day tops before that it was just 110mls. Have they suggested giving him a break for 24 hours and just perhaps giving him some water to see what happens. Other than that all I can advise is for you to go back and get his consultant in there to explain what they can do. Do they think it is anything to do with his condition other than the reflux? Sorry I can't remember what is condition Charlie has but I do know some children with special needs or brain injuries tend to cry a lot in the early days. What's he like in the bath, is he relaxed in water? I'm just trying to think of some solutions for you I can only imagine how hard it is for you all. I pray that he gets well soon.

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chloe as 700ml in 24 hours we give small feeds every 2 half hours she just can not tolerate any more Sad maybe he needs a short break from feeding that way you will know if its reflux too. i agree with the other phone the ward tell them how you feel, see if they can answer your questions.
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i know this is stupidquestion but can any1 tell me exactly what reflux is?
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Reflux is the word used to describe what happens when the stomach contents come back up into the gullet or even into the mouth.
Usually worse because the sphincter action of the diaphragm isn't fully developed. During the first year of a baby's life, the sphincter action gradually gets stronger and their chance of having reflux decreases. Around 50 per cent of babies will get some reflux but in only a small percentage of these is it a real problem. At the age of 10 months the number is down to about one in twenty babies.
It causes great pain in some babies as it did with our Euan and caused him to hold his breath and go blue.
Similar to what me and you would probley call heartburn
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