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you do that!!! shocking theyre leaving him in pain Angry how can they expect a baby to live like that!! they guessed about it being reflux with euan in scbu but the meds did work with him altho it did take 3 weeks for them to work and get him out of hospital. still....atleast he was IN hospital being monitored and not discharged. I hope something is sorted for you soon. Thinkin of you n charlie

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they an do a ph study to see if its reflux, they should not really let him home till they knowSad if you are unhappy please take him back tell them you need to know whats up with him if hes not a screaming naturally there must be something up even if it tummy pain, take him to a different hospital , is there a childrens near you?
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Sorry to hear they have let you both down like this.
Have they given you an outpatient appointment?
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This isn't right. Just take him to Alder Hey, I think the hospital you are going to haven't got a clue no child can be left for two weeks in pain just to wait for tablets to kick in, have you tried smaller feeds. Honestly Alder Hey is fantastic I think you need to see better doctors.
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yeah hes been tried on 25ml an hour continuos feeds n then 180ml 4 times a day x he had his operation at alder hey but i cant get to them hosp i dnt drive n its hard to sort out child care etc x
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