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Not sure why they are dressing up.. possibly coz its book week as you say!
Hes 121 said shes going as a farmer (just putting shirt & jeans on lol) ..
Thnx for the captain idea dan, im going to venture out to asda/matalan later today to see what they have.. lol
(Same as your jack though.. sam normaly wont keep things on when hes dressed up so god help me lol) x
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the ben ten is from toys is £11 i think great no mask
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my daughter has to dress up on thursday, she does not like new clothes and the dressing up clothes that you buy always seem itchy to her. She is really into dinosaurs so we have a green hooded jumper and green trackys, i just bought some felt and cut it into triangles and sewed them on the back of the jumper im just trying to make a tail at the moment. she will look brill and be comfurtable as well.
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last book day at matts school we dressed him up as the fat controller lol sewed a cushion into one of marks shirts cut out a yellow t shirt to look like a waistcoat and drew large buttons on (did do them in card but he pulled them off) a tie and jacket of marks again and made a top hat from card oh he looked sooo sweet, was hard as he doesnt really read books that have characters prefers bus fleet books hehe
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he looks ace!!! love the pulling tongue out :p hehehe


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