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I am a new member and found this very helpful and friendly group via a google search and hope you can help out an exhausted Mummy of two wonderful daughters - my 7 year old daughter is diagnosed ADHD, High Functioning Aspergers, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety and on medication for ADHD, Anxiety and sleep. My daughter has many extra care needs day and night.

I applied for DLA and was rejected, then sent in a MR with additional evidence and still denined. So we are now at the applying to go to tribunial stage and I would like to know if any-one has any experience of this process? I was hoping if I could write a good enough appeal application maybe I would be lucky and they would make a decision in our favour before having to spwak in court - I will go to court and explain my daughter's needs in detail if I need too but want my application to the court to be at it's best so any tips advice would be great - please help if you can, feeling drained and beaten by a system that is supposed to help my daughter!

Also I'm trying so hard to make sense of case law in regards to the reasons the DWP but for refusing the second time as it doesn't make sense as I feel all the supporting evidence we sent covered the first reasons they said no and the extra evidence backs up what I said even more - I am confused.

I hope some - one can help or point me in the right direction please?

Many thanks xx

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