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A chat thread is a good idea, we're not doing much here. My partner has had a bad back for over a week and it doesn't seem to be getting much better.

Mark is sickening for something I think because he's in a horrible mood and it's pouring with rain here.

On the up side I have a huge box of choccy biscuits I got from the milkman. Oh no I think we need a diet thread too.

Have a good weekend all.

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lol we had one Undecided we all started using wii fits hehe but i lost track!! i do plan to get back on it when euan starts nursery in april, i just can't find the time at the mo! so.....for now....choccie b's sound pretty good to me Big Grin

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Had the most un exciting evening last night (for a change! lol)
Got the youngest two to bed good and early and then had to wait for Noah. Thankfully he had had a busy day running round the garden and riding his scooter (aswell as chucking toys into the neighbours gardens 52) so was pretty tired. Still took a while to settle him though, he wanted to "play outside" at about 8.30pm! lol.

Then I did the usual tidy round, wash dishes and fall asleep infront of telly.

Told you it wasnt very exciting!
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Hahaha bless yas..!
I didnt do much either, Just came home with the Children and my mum and sis, Sis took dog and Children for a good walk why i dyed my mums hair, we ordered a chinese takeaway, then the Children went off to bed why i finished styling her hair and watched ant and decs new programme!
Did anyone else watch it??
I use to love watching Take me out.. No likey.. No lighty!.. So was kinda crud without it yesterday lol.. HA!

Whats everyone doing todayy? My 2 are running round the house at mo chaseing each other with the toy prams haha!!
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its sunday today so its bacon and oatcakes for brekkie then i need go aldi as forgot to get bread yesterday doh! and if i can move myself might go to the gym for a circuit (those exercise chairs hehe)
dont usually do much on a sunday as matt wont get dressed so stays in pj's until he has his bath and has clean ones on hehe.
i liked that take me out as well, dont know why, wonder if they would do a swap and have 30 odd men and one woman Big Grin feel sorry for some of the women who have been there since the beginning and the men who dont get a date but come on most of the girls are in their 20's so why do they have aging rockers???
not sure about the new ant and dec didnt see much of it as matt was climbing all over me last night so didnt get to see much lol
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