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Hello out there. Looking to join a support group. Initially I was looking for a Dads only group but I don't think they exist so Ill join anything that people are actually active in. Although I don't see a ton of replies on this forum either. If its one thing I've been learning about having a child with Special needs, it's that you find yourself alone, a lot.

My name is Kevin, I ve been married to my wife for 14 years. We have two boys Spencer (12) and Maddox (3). Maddox was diagnosed with GDD many months back, however we strongly believe there is more there than just GDD. Hes going to be reeval'd next month in October. We strongly believe he is somewhere on the Spectrum of Autism, but of course you need a Dr's diagnosis for that to happen.

Anywho - Id love to chat with some folks on here who have the same type of situation.

For what it's worth - My wife and I are at this alone. Her Mom used to come over every few months and we would have some time to our selves, but those times are few and far between. My Mom well she can't handle Maddox. The last time we left him with her on our Anniversary we got a call 45 mins into our lunch that he was screaming.. When we got back to her house he was past out asleep.

Anywho.. Love to hear from some of ya'll
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Hi there !

I am very happy that you are looking for help for your children. It is important for parents to be aware of the situation and to be part of a process that aims to help children. At Winstedt - learning disabilities in singapore, it is the teacher-parent-child relationship that gives the best results.

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