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Hey I am new to this group and have decided to try meet new parents who are either in similar situations or can just provide a different outlook to life. I am 25 and have three children one of whom has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is a twin. I am struggling to find mums who enjoy going out, socialising and just having a good laugh with as my friends all see me as a charity case or are over bearing always trying to reassure me my son will walk or be oh k.

So hi and lovely to meet you all anyone down for a chat feel free to message

Nat ?
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Hi Natz
I fully understand how you feel, may you gain strength through anything that brings you happiness.

I am going through a similar situation, it's extremely hard. I have a daughter with HIE, i know the struggles. I am a single parent as well. My only hope is that is doesn't get worst.

Take care

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