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I am new to this forum.
I have three children: 11, 6 and 3.
My 6 year old is: ASC, SPD, Tourette's and anxious. He is due to be seen again at the end of August.
I am literally struggling with all aspects of family life.
My 3 year old has picked up on all my 6 year old's 'traits' and mirrors everything he does. I am told by both boys that I am a 'freak, 'ugly,' 'I hate you' and so on. They argue and fight 99% of the time and pur home life is so unpleasant.
6 year old does attend respite (paid for by me until direct payments are sorted) three times a week in the holidays. But days he is with is are unbearable. I can't have anyone over or really go anywhere unless my husband is at home to help. I try to plan activities at home, but they always end in disaster. For example, today I filled the bowl in their mud kitchen with soap suds to provide a sensory experience. Within minutes my 6 year old had thrown the whole lot over 3 year old and got it all in his eyes.
Most activities end this way.
6 year old is rude, argumentative and I am at my wits end. I understand his diagnoses and feel so strongly for him. But we cannot go on with a miserable family life.
Does anyone have any ideas what we can do or what support is available? I am based in Surrey.
Thank you so much

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