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Hello. My name is Emma. I am 49 and have 4 Children. 25x2
21 and 5!!..yeh,i know?.
I also have 11 chickens,3 dogs and 2 guinea pigs.oh yeh and a husband..bless him. He is a farmer and we live in a lovely part of Somerset. We enjoy our garden and animals. My husband loves bikes and races quad bikes. I have always had horses and recently lost my horse .
My 5 year old has Down Syndrome.He is fab and we all adore him. He can be very funny,naughty,clever,annoying,rewarding,frustrating..and that's just in the first hour of getting up!!
I find that friends have disappeared and family. My life revolves around my son,Stan. Which is just what i want to do. But boy can it be lonely. It would be nice to compare notes,have a moan,laugh,cry and everything in between with people who know where i'm coming from.
So.. if i can work out how to use this site i will try and post again.
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Wow, you probably have a lot of work with all these responsibilities. learning disabilities in singapore the program taught me that children with problems are good with animals, but you also have to devote a lot of time to the child.

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