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Hi, I'm new to this forum and basically think me and my wife are losing the plot, our son is 11 and has autism, he's always up until the last few months been quite easy to manage, but lately he's got harder, we have no one we can turn to to have him to give us a break every now and then, the only break we get is when we are at work, we have literally just finished bathing him and cleaning up his room from the latest smearing episode, We have always said that we would never consider respite as he is none verbal and it would kill me if he didn't understand why he wasn't sleeping in his own bed I never want him to think we don't want him as he is our world, but for the sake of our sanity we really have to seriously consider something, we also have a neurotypical so a year younger who has missed out on so much due to us having to care for his brother. Any advice or just someone who understands we're we are coming from would be massively appreciated. Thanks Mick.
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Wow you guys have so much in your plate.
Respite is great for everyone involved. When you find the right place or person for him,he wilk enjoy going and look forwrd to it. You and your wife need that time too. For yourselves and your other son.you can recharge,plan,relax and enjoy life. You will feel like rubbish to start with but you will benefit even more..so will your Children.
Keep enjoying your Children don't allow it to become a chore.you need a break.
Good luck.

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