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Hi all,

Really looking for any advice to be honest. My son has just come home today after a 2night emergency placement at respite. He has been having regular meltdowns at home, and head butted our wetroom window on Thursday evening resulting in a smashed window.
I know that he doesn't want to be at home anymore and this is what started the meltdown off. Upon coming home today, within 2hours he was taking my hand and his coat to the front door. Not being able to go back to respite has led to a 2 hour meltdown so far.

I have been doing my own research into residential school settings as I have known for sometime that he is at the point of simply outgrowing our home. We had his annual review last week but his current school are saying that they can still meet his needs so I have one hell of a fight on my hands.

I just don't know what to do. His level of self harm and violence has tripled, I cannot bear to see him so upset.

My son has severe autism and is non verbal
Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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Hi very sorry to hear of your problems. Have you looked into direct payments. They will help provide someone to take your son out for trips and will give a small amount of respite. How old is your son? Residential schools need a lot of funding but your case seems to be perfect for this, i would seek help from local autistic society and paediatrician to build your case. Also may be worth contacting a suitable school and speaking to them about your son going there. It's often the case were the governers can also help. Good luck

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