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(02-28-2010, 03:19 PM)Lucy Wrote: theres actually a thread on here about it somewhere, someone successfully sued a hospital for lack of oxygen causing aspergers i think. i deffinatly remember it because i think dan added a poll to it!



it cant answer for all autistic ppl though i think different things set it off.
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yer i know, that was jst one case i think. i personally like you yhink itsa mix of things...genes included. hopefully one day theyll discover so that there is atleast a definitive test rather than like it is now and trying to escape diagnosis for cost! its not like you can dispute a blood test!!

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any news??? am a little worried she not been on for a few daysSad
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She was online earlier today but no news yet!
Hopefully news tommorow things are ok!
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hey just a quick update as i got an hour from the hospital charlie is screaming every feed still hes on 2 diff meds to help withthis but its just not workin and hes screams n screams n screams its agony to see him like this and his doc is a waste of time i just want my boy to be ok x well im back to hospital now will keep u updated wen i can xxx
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