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i wouldnt worry that you have got too much written down as there are parents that take a full bookful, they might not have time to go through everything but they wont think you are over worrying as you just want go give as much info as you can as the way Children act at home is totally different to how they act in a hospital.
re the wetting will he not wear those pyjama pull ups? at least in the cold weather, also have u tried cling film on the windows? its a bit daft but it does keep some of the damp out (had single frames where we used to live) its not worth doing your windows if you planning on moving this year.
good luck at the meeting, dont fret too much as you have all your info and they are a nice bunch really 22
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I'm pleased you got an appointment. I went along with several A4 pages full of thoughts and found them very helpful. I always dry up when I get into these appointments.

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jack now wont go to bed unless he has pants since the night he was dry he was so proud an now he says he big boy, wont put pull ups on and pjs he takes off loads during night
im going to nip down when he more settled an attempt to put a pull up on

ive moved all his room around today an my partner sorted radiator so its alot warmer, he has think curtains up there so il give the cling film a try
we have been fobbed off for months now about the windows as they meant be replaced december then jan an now i dunno

i really want move this year but since getting the appointment feel like we need to stay put i really dont want to start the whole getting a pead route for 3rd time

im going to take as much info but narrow it down into sections behavior etc i cant see him being ok there especially if doctor goes near him.
he hides behind me most time but last time gp wanted to look at his feet he screamed and wrapped his legs around mine so couldnt move him closer he ended up sitting in corner with coat over his head.

an dentist was a nightmare he hid under a chair when he finally went near he to get the little mirror she offered him he threw it at her
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Just out of curiousity what is the issue with the window and are you local authority or private landlord?
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its a coucil house i still have the metal framed windows which let in alot of draft need heating on 24/7 as its quite big townhouse
in my own room the wooden frame around outside is completely rotten you can push your finger through the wood to the outside aswell as the previous own caused big crack which she stuck sticky tape over, ive been waiting since march but they havent replaced it yet as they will need scaffolding an all rest needs doing

jack has worked out how to open the windows thankfully all but 1 only opens a little

its meant to be done due to decent homes but they are forever delaying it they was meant to measure them twice now after waiting in both times they never came

would just love to be warm again an minus the huge gas bill i cant afford an constant worry especially as jack has noticed my window an rips pieces of wood off
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