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sorry i know its me again
just really need to talk get it all out ive really had enough

jack is such a lovely intelligent creative lil boy (my angel) but im finding it so hard at the moment
its breaking my heart to see him struggling to speak or when he just stares at me like im talking jibberish
everything lately causes him to kick off even asking him to try take shoes off he throws thimself on floor screaming for ages

hes an odd lil boy at times an getting worse shopping is hell he will play up starts running around in circles or laying on floor, crossing road is hard he will refuse to walk to point he that slow i have to drag him across road quick due to cars comming.

the good days are great hes sooo affectionate always wanting cuddles but got to cuddle tight an if dont hold his hand tight he will force my hand with his other.

he still not talking or playing with other children an im so worried how things will be in future how it will affect him

the pead still not sent appoinment, ive left a billion messages an not called back all day yesterday i was on phone to Health visitor, gp, hospital still nothing waiting for gp call today

i just need answers this is making me so depressed is there something wrong or just me a worrier Confused feel so alone
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hiya hun
first off it doesnt sound there is anything extra wrong and you arent doing anything wrong either, its all a matter of trial and error. sometimes we drop on what we need to do and other times it can take months (trust me Smile)
do you have a carers support worker as they can chase up ppl for you, i dont know what they would be called in your area, in ours its north staffs carers and its charity run.

with the taking shoes off, is it a problem that he doesnt want to take them off or he doesnt understand why you want him to take them off? it could be he is in a routine now that when you ask that question he has a tantrum, could you ask him to swap his shoes for slippers? sounds simple but i know it isnt its just how its written. similar with the crossing the road, is it at a certain place that he wont cross? if so could you walk further up/down the road and ask shall we cross here?
in some ways its like if we saw a ghost we wouldnt want to walk in that place (matt used to look at a corner of back room before he would go upstairs, even looking through the banister at it as well and there was nothing there thats why i compared it to a ghost lol it was my way of coping with him staring into space i used to say goodnight to the corner and pretend he wasnt staring into space he was looking at casper)
as Jack is only young his understanding is not as high as it will get and its a scary world out there and staring into space he is looking around his own world where its nice.
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i have no support apart from my partner an tbh he dont understand why jack is like this as his children never had any problems
his nursery well one of the staff has been great everyday she asks for update on behaviour and trying to sort an meeting so we can try adress his behaviour

he does understand when taking shoes off but he gets worked up ive tried make things fun lets do this and put this on etc kind of a game but everything with jack is the same routine if we try change it he plays up and will either hurt himself or anyone near
with crossing the road he just dont want to walk ive tried crossing different places nothing works, he starts walking fine then wants to mess about in road an he tries run out in road refuses to hold hand properly

at the moment hes obsessed with a blue bag has to have it with him 24/7 he wont let it out of his sight
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just had some really good news i was given number of the manager at community pead office and they have just sorted an appoinment with a new dr at my healthcentre
its monday OMG i feel like we been waiting forever then they give me an appoinment few days away

now im just thinking what do i do/take/say
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awww sorry your feeling down but glad you not got long to wait!!

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