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is the terrace straight onto the street? as you would need a ramp to get in and out of house. also most terraces dont have a garden of any size and while if they do the adaptions they would work at the moment it would be too small as soon as she needed a larger wheelchair so it would never be a permanent solution as i would say if the room is 2x3 its only going to be a small lift not the full size she will need when a teenager (i know thats a way off) but the idea would be that if they spent all this money on adapting a place it would be better if you could stay there for as long as you want, not to have to be in same position again where the house becomes too small. i dont think the council thinks logically sometimes or perhaps i am thinking to simply but it doesnt seem like they are looking into the future and how much it would cost to move you again
i got a 3 bedroomed house because we said we had a carer stay over a couple of times a month, we could have managed with 2 large rooms as "carer" is brother in law and had always had to share a room when he stayed before but we knew with more bedrooms upstairs it would give us a living room and kitchen that would fit us better
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I've also been through all this -meetings with council, housing association, ot etc. There are minimum sizes relating to the size of a wet room, and there are some guidelines or other relating to having adequate space to move around in your wheelchair. Also, ramps need to be accomodated and supplied. The question of the bathroom is important, because as rightly stated by someone else here, you should be having a wet room facility. Really, a bungalow would be far better, or the house should have the bedroom and wet room downstairs. You can get help from the disabled organisations out there such as: disability rights commission; dial uk;disability living foundation. Don't let them short change you. Good luck.

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