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I’m a TV producer, looking for couples for a groundbreaking new reality-documentary we’re making. I wondered whether this might be of interest to any of the wonderful parents on this forum.

We’re working with renowned Therapist, Mandy Saligari on a series which will focus on Couples Therapy. We're looking for couples who may have faced obstacles or difficult times within their relationship, who are open with each other, can talk about what they love about one another as well as what they’d like to improve, in an upbeat and positive way. The documentary is all about encouraging couples to speak to one another in order to overcome those issues, and fight for what makes them happy.

If this is something anyone you know might be interested in please do get in touch! I’d love to chat further and tell you a little more about what we have planned.

You can reach me on: Ellie@Knickerbockerglory.TV or call on 0208 740 6300

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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