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My son has ASD and ADHD and currently attends Mainstream school. He has an EHCP (6 weeks old) Last week he got excluded for 1 day for hitting out at the SENCO and then told he had to spend 2 weeks in an Alternative Learning Centre (ALC). So far he hasn't attended the ALC due to anxiety so he's stayed at home with me. This has come out of the blue as he was making (slow) progress at school but progress none the less. I have phoned lots of special schools this past week but they all suggest that they are not right for my son as he is high functioning and I would agree. He is not a bad kid just struggles with anxiety.

Waffle Waffle.....anyway.

If the school don't think they are right for him is that a given, will they be able to just get rid of him or will it be down to the LA? We have an emergency review of his EHCP on 25th April.

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