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Hi there

I have a 22-y-o profoundly disabled daughter who only slept (and stayed in her bed!) wearing her sleeping bags. As they were not available in her - now adult - size her granny sewed several sleeping bags for her. We no longer need them today (my daughter is no longer mobile).

I don't have the time, or energy, to put them on ebay and have just found this group, googling "special needs equipment". If any of you are interested in these, I would be very happy to let you have them, all I am asking for is postage. They would suit a young person up to app. 5'3" (skinny fit).

If you are interested, simply get in touch with me.

Erin's Mum
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Hello, just found this site. Have the sleeping bags gone as it was posted last year?! If not do you have a pic, I'm interested for my son. Thanks.

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