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I'm just wondering if DLA can be claimed for developmental delay? My son is 22 months old but is the developmental age of 12 months. He also has hypotonia & hyperflexed joints. He just started to walk 4 weeks ago. He is currently under the child development clinic, Physio and starting OT next month and SALT in 3 months if speech hasn't improved. Also genetic testing in 3 months to check for syndromes. He was born 9 weeks early but the consultant has said this shouldn't have gave him this much of a delay. I'm just looking to see if we could claim as I could use the money for sensory toys & put him in 1 day a week to crèche to mix with other Children. We already go to a parent & toddler group.
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Hi my son is also 22 mths old and has development delay he is not walking yet and has had recurrent chest infections since birth he doesn't feed him self and can't tolerate lumpy foods he recently had an mri which picked up a chiari malformation and mild metopic cranio he is also not walking I have put a claim in for dla it's worth a try you have nothing to lose I look at it in a way that the extra money could pay for private treatment or towards travel cost as we have appointment all the time

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