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Well as regular members will know we have been having some issues with our oldest Emily with bed wetting,stealing,her saying she hates her life and wants to run away,hyperactivity,trouble with Emily making freinds at school,always arguing etc.
Well today the Doctor was honest with us and gave us some honest answers....
It transpires the last time we saw a more junior doctor with Emily they never told us about the schools behaviour report in a honest way as she said it seemed fine,however today the doctor reviewed this and gave a diagnosis of oppositional defiant disorder with possible ADHD.
I say Possible ADHD but its because the school ticked less boxes than we did so they need to see more boxes ticked in order to formally diagnose her with ADHD,They want to see her at home Blush

This is the closest we have got to an answer for Emily in her whole life and means now we can hopefully start making steps to help her.

The action plan is:
Cahms interaction and behavioural threapy.
The triple P parenting program
and the doctor has prescribed Ritalin abeit a very small dose but wants to trial it for one month to see if there is any marked improvement in Emilys behaviour both at home and school.

The doctor has advised we get the school to keep a daily diary detailing morning and afternoon behaviour and attention for Emily to see how it goes.

So now we have some answers we hopefully can move forward with Emily and start to help her.

The Ritalin was a tough choice but deep down i feel that if it can help Emily its worth doing.
Anybody else using Ritalin and did it or does it work for you?
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thats good news that you have finally got an answer, cant say anything about ritalin as matt never been on it but have heard it can be good in small doses as it just calms them down without them losing who they are.
fingers crossed it will work and you get to keep your sweets to yourself as long as you get back on the wii to counteract the fact u will get to eat them Confused
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