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I think we all expect doctors to be perfect but i suppose they are only human and will make mistakes along the way.

The frustrating thing about medical mistakes is that they can never just admit it and say sorry it has to be a big hoo hah with big investigations.

I dont doubt that investigations are needed with major incidents but why cant the medical trusts just accept liability and then work out how they can learn from it rather than dragging people patients and familes through the investigations when they have gone through so much already.

Why are so many doctors allowed to walk away from mistakes with just a slap on the knuckles and then carry on working.

In fact i might get some information on this via a freedom of information act.

Im looking to ask the following question to YOUR LOCAL NHS TRUST

How many members of your medical staff are working at your hospital despite recieving a warning for medical negligance in the past 5 years.

What trusts do members come under and ill get this information for you if you want this.
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