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Hi waggytail what about ringing the centre where you go for the wheelchair and ask them and tell them the situation. also you will need help with the measuring its not easy, go back and ask motability again could they give you some name of companies in your area who can do the measuring, apparently they come out to your house, thats what we got told, you get in touch with who ever motability told you and they send you a brochure to you ring a few companies for cars,, when you have decided ring them back and arrange a date for them to do the measuringm, i must it is a nightmare we were set on a wav car but got my son assessed and the assessment man said he didnt need a wav car he needed a spv standard production vehicle. So ring motability back up and tell them i know it might seem strange cos you do go round in circles with motability its who you find tells you all , if you feel happy about someone telling you ll and everything ask them there name and keep it safe you can always ask for them, if there in. I wouldnt worry about it being 5 years it gives you more of a longer look for next time. What about a spv standard production vehicle were you can get adaptations done, we are getting a turny orbit remote control my son can wiggle onto this no lifting for me. a lift hoist in the back going for eventually a ford galaxy ghia more specs and bigger boot for the wheelchair and wheelchair hoist. grant deposit from motability £1,620. compulsory contribution of £380. from us on delivery of car, swivel seats £4,500.00, wheelchair hoist up to 40kg £549.00 + safety harness paid my motability, they go on your wages/benefits if any. Fortunately the ford galaxy peoples are having problems getting us the automatic car for me as I have problems with my legs. Bear in mind the berlingo has a smaller fuel tank as its in the wheel at the back - so told so will fill up as more. With this type of adaptations it will still be a 3 year lease which is good and bad as 3 years goes so quick well i think so. YOu get a 7 seater but loose 1 with the turny orbit seat and where the hoist goes at the back may loose another but maybe be able to move when not in use. Sorry its so long winded but motability is. It made me so ill i was giving up but had to look for my sons sake and mine, we had been looking since October last year but motability will continue with the lease you have till you get another car or new one is ready. If you want any more help please buzz me. speak soon. x
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i got told by dla that i should put our mobilty application in when our boy is 2/12 so its sorted for when he is 3 but he eill only be able to get a vechile at 3 if he is servley disabled eg not able to walk or its 5 years old if able to walk, which our boy isnt and wont as he has qualipega cerbal palsey
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Ive just recently bought a WAV from https://www.wholesalecarcompany.co.uk/

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