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I just had a google on this to see what i could find and im not sure what you know already so i thought i would post some links for you:


On this one it said it would disappear within a few years of medication so heres hoping for you.
Did they give an estimate in regards to appointment date?
Its not nice when you worry about yourself,i know the feeling as im on crutches because of hip arthritis which really does impact on the care of my children from me and puts alot on Lucy and i feel guilty for even daring think of myself.
I really truly hope you can get some answers and be sure to look after yourself as sometimes i think we are all so busy worrying about our Children we neglect ourselves.Blush
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I hope you get some answers soon.
Big hugs XxX
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well i got my date for ct scan, but i can not go Sad soill phone on monday to see when i can change it
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thats typical isnt it,lol i have same thing with an appointment every year in 6week hols but got the consultants number now so just sort it direct its easier. dont forget to phone and they will be able to change it easily enough and at least on the phone you can give them dates that work for you rather than another letter.
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thanks corinne i will

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