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Sainsbury's??? :o You lot are too posh Big GrinTongue

Maybe we should go around visiting supermarkets in a van - PODC on tour and sort em out 20 Cheeky assistants!

By the way having read my post again when I said he eats muck and off the floor I meant outside not in the house, I'm not Waynetta Slob honest Angel Blush
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From a website in America yet another story:

What a tragedy. Cops say multimillionaire single mom Gigi Jordan murdered her 8-year-old autistic son Jude by force-feeding him a vast array of prescription pills in Manhattan's tony Peninsula Hotel this past Saturday. She then attempted to off herself but was unsuccessful, and is now in Bellevue Hospital.

Police arrived after investigating e-mails received by a member of Jordan's family in Belgium, detailing Jordan's malicious intent. They broke through a barricaded door to discover Jude with "foam around his mouth" on the bed, "while his babbling, incoherent mother was sitting on the floor." They were surrounded by many prescription pills and empty pill bottles. At this point, the boy has been dead for a day.

Jordan had written a two-page note discussing Jude's "constant pain." She wrote, "I can tell you the only true happy moment in my life was when Jude was born. He was all the love I ever had in my life. He was the only thing that made me feel life was something of beauty, ever." She also alluded that her son had been sexually abused by a cult and added, "I hope Jude is in a better place."
Jordan was once detained by police in Wyoming after she claimed her son was being molested by devil worshippers. Local officials in Wyoming confirmed she had contacted them more than two years ago saying Jude was being abused by a cult. Following the complaint, Jordan was briefly detained for a psychiatric evaluation. Officials say their examination of the boy showed no signs of abuse.

Our expert, clinical psychologist Dr. Michelle Golland, says it's likely Jordan buckled under the weight of her own depression and the stress of raising an autistic child alone:

"Without having treated her, I would say it appears that this was a mother who was severely depressed," says Dr. Golland. "The medical crisis of Jude's diagnosis seems to have been intense and overwhelming. It sounds like she had been trying to 'cure' her son for many years to no avail, which left her hopeless -- the first step toward suicide. Gigi may have believed that if she took the time to tend to her own medical situation, nobody would be able to care for her son; in her twisted, hopeless logic, she came to believe their dying would be a 'solution.' And the fact that both father figures in young Jude's life had been absent for years may have contributed to Gigi's fear that Jude would end up being institutionalized if something were to happen to her. This tragic example shows how important it is for parents to have support when dealing with their children's medical and psychological issues."
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It seems that more people are turning to this as a last option.
The story about the woman in America did show though its not always about the system letting people down as she was a millonaire so could have brought in care herself should she had wished.

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