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Dreadful story -


I'm sure we'd all agree it's incredibly difficult bring up disabled children, especially with little or no support, but, I have to say, I cannot get this poor child's suffering and pain out of my head. Terrible.

(By the way apologies if I'm not allowed to post this link)
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(02-11-2010, 10:41 AM)MaggieMay Wrote: By the way apologies if I'm not allowed to post this link
Of course you canBig Grin
What a shocking story to start the day with.
I wonder how you could do this but what could drive somebody so far to do this really.
Too little help?
Lack of resources?

I think a full inquiry should be held and to determine why she felt this was her only option and what could be learned from it.
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I agree, it's kind of a double-edged sword if you like for me, an understanding of being driven to the edge and not coping, the sheer exhaustion, but it's the way he was killed that's playing on my mind really and strips me of sympathy, does that make sense?

We had loads of support (professional) before Jack started full-time school, now there's nothing. There isn't enough out there I think. I remember Alison Davies and her son Ryan, she commited suicide with him off Humber Bridge in 2006. These cases might be rare but they're very telling, it's a tragedy when people feel this is the only way out. Let's hope the inquiry means lessons are learned but - call me cynical - I doubt it.
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not a nice way at all, wonder if she intended to kill the lad though as she took the bleach herself then called 999? so perhaps a desperate call for help in a bad moment as bleach is something that is in the house.
it is something i have thought about when my health was bad and my thoughts turned to if i die what would happen to matt, should i take him with me? but not in that way, would never do something that would cause him pain. Undecided
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I can understand that corinne, when me and dan were talking about the article earlier i said i'm not sure what is worse....to lose a child - which is obviously a horrific thing altho will most likely be a reality for us Sad or to be worrying what will happen to your child when you die.... I know things can get incredibly hard and there is a serious lack of help out there but things must have to get really bad to kill your child and often yourself....Sad the system stinks and your right maggie may - nothing ever changes!!


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