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Hope this is allowed please delete if not.
I have boys with special needs and as a result I have been going to this youth club for several months now and I have to say it's a lovely place. For Children with additional needs to have a place to go where they aren't judged and can mix with other Children like them is amazing. I have made a couple of really good friends here over a cuppa while our Children play pool or go on the xbox who understand about my boys little quirks and just accept them. Please can I ask all everyone to help this youth club thrive or if you have teenagers or young adults who you think could benefit pop along. It's something that most places are crying out for and thanks to Karen for all her hard work we have available pretty much on our doorstep. After lots of enquiries about youths and young adults with special needs and disabilities having their own special youth club, Karen has finally set up a youth club running every Sunday 3-5pm at Ruskington Youth Centre, commencing from 13th September 2015.
Her idea is that we all have a safe place to interact and it is vital that parents and carers must attend for their childs safety and wellbeing.
The first meeting will give us all a chance to get to know what everyone likes doing and exchange ideas on future activities. The Youth Centre has great amenities so ideas such as preparing a small meal, helping with Tuck Shop, having your haircut or reflexology are just a few of the many ideas she have. If your child just wants to play pool, Wii, Xbox, art and craft or just watch the TV that is absolutely fine, its all about what you want. Gradually life skills, first aid etc. will be encorporated too at different points if all goes well.
This club is for us all to enjoy the amenities and facilities we are lucky to have so please come along!
Youths £2 and parents etc and siblings are free, the first meeting will be free to you all to wander around and pass over all your ideas about what we all want.

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