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Hi everyone I'm Andrew I'm looking for some help and advice . I'm married with 5 children there ages are 7,8,11,13,19 three boys and two girls. We live in a 3 bedroom council house in south Wales. My wife is a carrier of an hereditary eye disease called reptinitus pigmetosis (rp) my three sons share a bedroom one is sight impaired the other is severely sight impaired and the 19 yr old works shifts and is also being tested for the eye complaint. As you can imagine we have major problems with the boys with there sleeping patterns my oldest disturbing them. We have had social services , sight cmyri,  occupational therapists all day that ideally the boys should have rooms of there own should not be in bunk beds they are currently using need rooms clutter free so that can get around safely etc. I have to daughters in a box room and my wife and I in the third bedroom. We are on the council waiting list and have been for quite some time to move to a four bedroom property if it ever becomes available but been informed that this could takes years. We cannot afford to buy a property the council has refused to any significant add actions to alleviate the problem. My children's school have also pointed out that they are quite often tired in school which is affecting there education. My wife and I  no longer work as we are carers for our children. I really am not sure what to do there doesn't seem to be anyway of alleviating this situation if anyone as any ideas suggestions or any comment that could help I look forward to hearing then thankyou.

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