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Not only does it feel like i have to jump through hoops it feels that once im in the hoop i have to dance and perform a magic trick in thin air and then spin around the hoop with butterfly wings.....
The system now as it stands stinks really!
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nothing worse than when your child suddenly gives the doctor eye contact while having an assesment, luckly she went to visit her at nursery and my daughter wouldnt even acknowledge that she was there let alone trying to interact with her. but when i was there and we went into the meeting room my daughter turned and said hello to the doctor. she doctor said she felt like a ghost while in the nursery setting. my son who as a hfa and adhd - he seems to behave in assesments, its a good job the school keep a record of his daily behaviour
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Children always do that to you....I think they just like to show us up! my daughter can be a monster at times who never stops singing dancing talking and fighting with her brother but then if I mension this to anyone.....Emily sits there good as gold like butter wouldn't melt. I get the feeling people look at me and think yerr right....I'm sure she just saves it all for me! and Euan....we tell the physio that he's falling over all the time (because he does) and he always goes head first because he has a tiny body and big head! He on the other hand strolls into the child development centre and voer the 2hours we were there didn't fall over once!!!! sooooo frustrating.....but I think they're used to it, they know what Children are like!

Lucy xx

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