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Hi. My son currently sits in a normal stage 2 car seat but leans out to the side all the time because ideally he needs some thorasic support but SN car seats are hideously expensive. Has anyone found a good solution for adding support to a normal car seat? Our NHS people won't help because they don't do car seats. thanks
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You can get an independent review from an OT and get funding for a car seat from a charity such as new life foundation.
Hope this helps..... Car seats are a minefield!
Failing this we bought a recaro which has good support.
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Hi Mumuydeb,

I work for a charity called Caudwell Children and we provide funding grants for car seats for children with additional needs across the UK.... If you get your OT to identify a car seat that is suitable for your child and get it in writing and you could apply to us for the funding for it.

If you send me an email - ema.harker@caudwellchildren.com and I will help you apply for the car seat funding if you want to go ahead with it....
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