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Hello, I have a 2 1/2 year old son that, for a variety of reasons, has yet to walk. We are an active family and have a variety of outdoor/hiking activities planned for this Spring/Summer. I'm looking for recommendations on a child hiking backpack/carrier to use to bring him along on hikes. He currently weighs 30 lbs. which is the upper limit of a few of the more popular brands on the market. We had used a Chicco brand for years, both for him and his older brothers. However, he has out-grown it to the point where it is quite difficult to get his legs out of the leg-holes, this also raises some concerns about leg positioning/blood flow for longer hikes. Ideally I'd be looking for something that could carry a child up to 50/60 lbs and is large enough for him to ride in comfortably? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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