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Hello everyone! I need a bit of advice and support really.. I'm opening up my own special needs childminding centre where I am renting a house out and completely making it special needs friendly.. I will be offering my services with 2 other childminders and will be open to PMLD and MLD. I will have a sensory library in the house and a messy play room for art, sensory room and lots more etc.. I also will be offering cooking and many more activities. I would love to hear what everyone thinks and even what people would love to see? I know most childminders accept special needs children but I wanted to do something different where all their needs can be met in one place with professional people with lots of experience. Thanks Smile
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Hi, how's it going ? Have you started any care yet?
I'd love to hear how it's going, I am in the process myself but on a much smaller scale. Your setup sounds great.

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