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Also, she wouldn't care anyway, that is the most frustrating bit is that whatever i do she is totallly not bothered. I remember when she was younger and used to throw toys at us i followed super nannies advice and took them all out of her room then when she was good let her have on bak n she really wasn't bothered. How do you punish someone that doesnt care??

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just an idea but has your daughter been checked for a medical reason for eatting chocolate or sweets in the amounts that she is, just to check in case. My friends child has diabetees (i cant spell sorry) she explained to me that her son was taking food swets and hiding them to eat later he was 11. When she would be angrey with him explaining that there is no need to take/hide food in there home he continued to do it. He later explained that he needed the food and could not explain why he just knew he needed it. They went to the doctors to get help for his behaviour and came out with a hospital appontment her son had diabetees. Im not trying to scare you but i thought it was worth a mention we were talking about this last night at swimming and i just thought it was worth telling you just incase.

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