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My name is Becky and I have just (over the last few months) started my own little business making wrap blankets for babies' car seats and pushchairs. They have slits in the back to allow for the car seat straps and the edges wrap around the little one to keep them warm.


They have been really popular and people have been asking for toddler sized ones, which I have now started making.

I was wondering whether these kind of things would be useful for disabled children who use pushchairs or car seats,perhaps those who don't like wearing thick coats or who kick off their blankets!

If so, I am keen to know what features I should try and incorporate. For example, at the moment the blankets just wrap around the child and tuck in at the edges- would some velcro be useful to keep them wrapped up?

I would also really appreciate some information regarding dimensions, how wide apart and how long to make the slits for the straps to go through etc.

Any advice, suggestions or constructive criticism would be gratefully received

Thanks in advance


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