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Hi, I know it can be difficult to find suitable specially adapted holiday accommodation and hopefully this post will be helpful to you.

I look after holiday bookings for around 38 holiday chalets and luxury log cabins in and around Bridlington on the East Yorkshire coast. You can see full details of a number of holiday homes which have mobility ramps and 2 holiday homes which have been extensively specially adapted to suit people with more serious mobility issues :-

One is 'Twin Peaks' (chalet ref 1224) - a large 3 bedroom detached holiday chalet at South Shore Holiday Village in which one of the bedrooms has been specially adapted for people with serious mobility issues. It has wheel-chair access, an electrically operated adjustable bed to achieve a comfortable sleeping position plus a ceiling hoist above the bed which leads directly into a specially adapted en-suite wet-room large enough for wheelchairs and large enough for carers to attend in the wet-room if required. In addition, the specially adapted bedroom is large enough for a carer to sleep in the same bed-room over-night on a 'z' bed if required.

The chalet was specially designed by a builder who has a daughter with extensive special needs.

The other specially adapted holiday home is a luxury log cabin at 'The Links' golfing complex bordering Sewerby Park just outside Bridlington. The log cabin was purchased as new in 2015 by a lovely young lady who has mobility issues and is cared for by her family. The log cabin was specially designed for the owners needs and includes a wet-room plus wheelchair access and an external hot-tub on an extended sun deck. Look for 'Ronans Retreat' (property ref 1233).

There are also a number of additional holiday chalets and luxury log cabins with wheel-chair ramps available.

Log onto http://www.holihomes.eu for full brochure details so you can see if the special adaptations would be suitable for you. Alternatively, click on this link to see the brochure for 'Twin Peaks' :- http://holihomes.eu/Property/1224%20165%20Seventh%20Avenue%20Twin%20Peaks%20South%20Shore%20Holiday%20Village/P_1224%20165%20Seventh%20Avenue%20Twin%20Peaks%20South%20Shore%20Holiday%20Village.pdf


Click on the following link
to see the brochure for 'Ronans Retreat' (and - yes - it is named after Ronan Keating of 'Boys Own' if you were wondering. There is a photo of the owner with Ronan Keating in one of the bedrooms) :- http://holihomes.eu/Property/1233%20Ronans%20Retreat%20The%20Links/P_1233%20Ronans%20Retreat%20The%20Links.pdf

I hope you find the information helpful.
Best Wishes,
Mike Skelton.
E-mail :- mike@holihomes.eu
Direct tel :- 075 44 27 53 54
Website :- http://www.holihomes.eu
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Thank you

We have been looking for places to stay in as a family of four. How much does it cost to rent for a week? Preferably low season as you can find some amazing deals then. Sounds fabulous!!

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